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The Power of Ulama

  • Create courses.
  • Build loyalty for your brand.
  • Increase the Lifetime Value of your students.
  • Make your students interact
    and consume your content for real.

What you need to grow your knowledge business

Gamified courses

Gamified courses

Create and Manage amazing Online Courses with Gamification, Quiz & Awards.

People love fighting to win! With your Ulama account, you can create gamified courses and programs with challenges and awards that they can win.


Create and grow unlimited communities around your courses.

With Ulama you will create different communities of loyal paying customers that never leave you, all inside your own platform so you can have their attention and let them help you to build a tribe.
You can track the activity of your customers, and also reward them based on help that they bring to your tribe. This means less work for you to do.

Hosting Unlimited Videos

With you Ulama account you will have the chance to host, optimize and secure Unlimited Videos:

Moreover, your video will be optimise for you in real time and we are going to be caching them and securing them. In fact, we can secure your videos where only the IP address of the user that’s logged in can ever use that video file.

The Magic Block Notes

Your customers will take Notes and have them all in one place saved automatically in less then 0.1 seconds with no “save button” to smash

One of the thing to get your customers focused on your courses and content is to let them comfortably take notes, so they can improve faster and realise the amazing work they are doing with you

Video testimonials

1-Click Video Testimonials

With Ulama, you can now collect tons of video testimonials from your customers.

You can incentivize and reward them automatically if they shoot a video for you with one single click without leaving your Ulama platform. Collect testimonials has never been so easy.

Support Hub

Give the best support ever

With Ulama you can have a fully integrated ticketing system to build a great customer experience.

You have a central hub for all your customer questions, requests, and concerns. Above all, it gives you a complete picture of each customer, so you can offer the best support ever making them happy.

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What will you get with Ulama?

A smart platform whic allows your clients to create their own study; an experience with the aim of keeping them active and hungry for more knowledge.

More Engagement

Ulama will help you to build a stimulating tribe of students hungry for results.

More Reviews

It will be easier to get good reviews because your courses will be hosted by an easy, interactive and fun platform.

Less Complaints

Ulama is a platform that has been tested for years to work at its best and minimize user inconvenience. .

Increase Lifetime Value

The more your customers are engaged with your content, the more they will buy from you again and again.

Stop looking for another
E-Learning platform

With Ulama you'll have everything you ever need to give your clients the best experience ever which means they will buy from you over and over again.

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