It all started by a simple question:

How can we increase the revenue of
our knowledge business?

Our answer isUlama

Ulama is a software platform that helps entrepreneurs and creators to create, sell and grow their
knowledge business focusing on what matters the most:

Engagement and Life Time Value of Your Clients.

There's a Big Problem in the market

Customers are excited to buy courses, but unfortunately they become lazy when it comes
to doing things and following your content.

Which means:

Less engagement
More Complaints
High Refunds
Poor Life Time Value

We know that because we experienced it

First thing first: we are digital entrepreneurs and course creators just like you.

We began our journey through digital more than seven years ago when we started our knowledge business in the early stage of Italian internet marketing.

We immediately faced the difficulty of acquiring new customers. Especially in Italy people are very suspicious, so acquiring new customers was practically a miracle. Furthermore we knew from the first time that it would be very hard in a little country like that to scale a business to 7 figures....or even beyond 8 figures and more.

So we quickly realized that our only possibility was to increase retention and life time value of existing customers and find a way to build a stimulating tribe of students hungry for results.

The more they learn, the more you earn

That was our mantra.

Because the more your customers are engaged with your content, then they are more likely to buy from you again and again. So we tried all e-learning platforms on earth but nothing really works the way we were looking for. Our customers were still detached and became more and more lazy about our content.
At that point we could accept our profit getting thinner and thinner as the acquisition price grew..
Or we could create our own e-learning platform based on our need… and we did it!

In 2018 we built from scratch our own platform, code by code...and BOOM!
Once we launched the first version, all of our thousands of students were excited and started to interact more, watch our video over and over again - even those customers that we thought were "dead". All of this has led to increased sales of our other backend products like crazy. That was the momentum where we went from $1.5 Millions a year to $4 Millions, almost tripling our revenue.

Don't wait

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More and more people were begging us
to share our platform

The idea of sharing our own platform started by our student who had the same big problem using the other e-learning platform: high acquisition cost, low engagement and thinner profit.

Therefore, that was the obstacle: even if we tried to share our platform, it was hard for them to make it work.
So we built up an amazing team of developers and marketers and put years of research about what works and what doesn't work, what stimulates the human brain inside an e-learning platform and what instead bores it by making it abandon everything…

To create a brand new e-learning platform, unlike any other. That’s Ulama.

We had a dream:

Allow any human on earth to create their own study platform focused on the experience of their clients with the aim of keeping them active, hungry and warm.

Easy to use even for a 90 years old grandmother

The result is an easy drag and drop software that allows everyone to build their own online course and let clients engage more so they can earn more as entrepreneurs.

When we set up Ulama, we thought about making it simple to use even for our 90 years old grandmother if one day she wants to teach online how to make her delicious homemade tortellini.

Stop looking for another
E-Learning platform

With Ulama you'll have everything you ever need to give your clients the best experience ever which means they will buy from you over and over again.

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