What you will get with Ulama?

Let them play!

Gamified Courses

Create gamified e-learning programs that encourage users to constantly interact with your courses to win awards, certifications and much more...

People love fighiting to win! With your Ulama account, you can create gamified courses and programs with challenges and awards that they can win.


No limits


You can create different communities of loyal paying customers that never leave you, all inside your own platform so you can have their attention and let them help you to build a tribe.

You can track the activity of your customers, and also reward them based on the help that they bring to your tribe. Which means less work for you to do.

Let them play!

Hosting, Optimizing and Secure Unlimited Videos

You can upload your videos inside your Ulama account and get rid of other hosting platform that cost you money.

Moreover, your video will be optimise for you in real time and we are going to be caching them and securing them.
In fact, we can secure your videos where only the IP address of the user that’s logged in can ever use that video file.


5 Stars!

1-Click Video Testimonials

Capturing and sharing video testimonials has never been so easy!

Once your customers are inside your Ulama e-learning platform, you can decide when to display the “review now” button in the sidebar on the left.

Once the Review Button will appear, they can easily click that button and start recording the video testimonial for you. Once they’ll finish, the video-testimonial will be uploaded to your platform and you can decide to automatically share it on social media or on the pages of your site.
Which means: free marketing and free worth by mouth for your business.

It's a kind of magic...

The Magic Block Notes

Your customers will take Notes and have them all in one place saved automatically in less then 0.1 seconds with no “save button” to smash.

One of the thing to get your customers focused on your courses and content is to let them comfortably take note, so they can improve faster and realise the amazing work they are doing with you.

This is why with Ulama you can put a digital block-notes under each video (and each module) where they can tap-in every single word they want.

Best Support Ever

Ticket & Support Hub

Give your customers the best support ever.
With Ulama you can have a fully integrated ticketing system to build a great customer experience.

You have a central hub for all your customer questions, requests, and concerns. Above all, it gives you a complete picture of each customer, so you can offer the best support ever making them happy.

Amazing Feature

Instant MP3 Creation

With the same concept of the video transcription, you can now create a mp3 file for every video that you’ll upload inside your lessons and let your students decide how to study your content.

With one simple click you’ll create unlimited mp3 files based on your videos.

And much more..

We are working hard to give our clients the best features.

Soon available on Ulama

Life Time Value Maximizer

Time in business is crucial. Inside your Ulama dashboard you can analyze the KPIs to understand the behaviours of your customers to know exactly what to do with them within a perfect timing. You’ll know exactly when to contact them to give support, when to contact them to offer a new product, or when to contact them to re-activate their intentions of doing business with you.

Create and Manage Carts, bump offers, upsells, bundles, Free trial & Coupons

With Ulama you can create your own carts, integrated with the most known payment gateway (stripe, PayPal, Braintree, wire transfer) and create unlimited offer combos to let your clients spend more with you. You can create a customized sales strategy such as “free trial for X days & pay Y$ after” and much, much more. On top of that, you can integrate your CRM and your autoresponder to run specific campaigns for specific clients.

Unlimited and easy Integrations with the most common CRMs, Autoresponders & Payment gateway

Every CRM, Autoresponder platform or every online payment can be integrated with Ulama with no technical experience required. For example, you can connect your autoresponder with Ulama and decide that, for each time your clients will finish a specific lesson you will run a specific email campaign to help them follow the next logical step.

Let your team take care of specific areas:

With Ulama, you can create different admin access for every member of your team and decide what they can look at and take care of. Do you need your coaches to take care of your communities to see interactions, active users or request for helps? You can do that. Do you need your sales reps to take care of the journey of your customers to offer them specific products or services with the right timing? You can create a specific access to them and let them work for common goals. Do you need your customer support team to have access only to the Ticket & Support Hub? You can do that.

Stop looking for another
E-Learning platform

With Ulama you'll have everything you ever need to give your clients the best experience ever which means they will buy from you over and over again.

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